17 Signs of Toxic Work Environment

A toxic work environment characteristics: A toxic workplace environment has three main characteristics: a lack of respect, bullying behavior, or harassment. These types of behaviors can cause problems with relationships within the company and impact overall morale

The workplace should be safe for everyone where they can thrive. When the work environment becomes toxic or hostile, people begin to feel less satisfied in their jobs and eventually…

How to Identify a Hostile Work Environment?

Hostile Work Environment Examples: ▪ Making Offensive Jokes ▪ Using Sexually Suggestive Language ▪ Displaying Racist Images and Pictures ▪ Unwanted Stroking and Touching ▪ Making Unwanted Comments ▪ Making Inappropriate Gestures ▪ Using Offensive Phrases ▪ Witch-hunting to Ruin Others ▪ Sabotaging the Work of Others

Every day, people face hostilities at work such as exclusion from meetings, team projects without justification, or forced to work unpaid hours and getting criticized or ignored after achieving a…

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