50 Best Ways of Saying Great Job

Great Work | Job Well Done | Excellent Work | Good Job

Good employees deserve compliments because they do a great job. But, showing your appreciation with phrases like “good job” or “great job” can be counterproductive because those words are so…

The Best Drinking Games for Team Building

Drinking Games for Team Development | Drinking Games for Team Collaboration | Drinking Games for Team Engagement

Team building is not just about engaging in onsite or office activities to bond people together. Building a well-connected and more productive team requires building a strong foundation of trust….

13 Best Personal Values of a Good Leader

Best Values of a Manager | Best Personal Values for a Leader

The personal values of a good leader are absolute desires they develop from their convictions to guide the way they lead others. Good leaders develop values from their core beliefs…

How to Facilitate a Video Conference Call Meeting

Virtual Conference Call Video | How to do a Video Conference Call

A video conference call meeting is different from face-to-face meeting, but the two have similarities. The most important thing in common is the purpose of the meeting. The question for…

9 Essential Core Working Competencies

List of Key Competencies | Employee Core Competencies | workforce competencies

The most ambitious people have a growth mindset and consistently keep improving their working competencies to remain relevant in today’s modern workplace. Gone are days where being just dedicated and…

10 Key Strengths of a Project Manager

Technical Skills for Project Manager | Project Manager Skills and Competencies | Qualities of a Good Project Manager

Being bold, confident, determined, and decisive are all useful qualities of a good project manager. But the real strengths of a project manager lie in their capacity to lead from the…

16 Character Traits of a Hard Worker

Skills for Hard Worker | Qualities of a Hard worker | Characteristic of a Hard Working Employee

Every organization has someone who works hard when the crunch is on and gets the results. Being a hard worker is one way of being considered valuable and irreplaceable in…

What Makes a Good Team Worker

Qualities of a Good Team Worker | Great Team Worker | Good Team Worker Skills

You may be thinking you are as good at your job as everyone else, but your co-workers and the boss still don’t see you as a reliable member of the…

What is the Role of a Leader?

What is the Role of a Leader in an Organization | Primary Role of a Leader | Role of a Leader in Business

The role of a leader is not all about telling subordinates what to do. The primary role of a leader is to create the right conditions under which people can take the…

The 12 Best Things About an Agent For Change

Characteristics of an Agent of Change | Being an Agent for Change

People respond to change in different ways. Some become critics, victims, and others become champions of change. The overall success of change depends on confronting many things like resistance to…

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