16 Examples of What Makes a Company a Great Place to Work

What Makes a Great Place to Work: . Career development opportunities . A great place to work has a good culture . A great place to work is flexible with schedules . A great place to work values its employees . A great place to work listens when employees give feedback . Great places to work offer competitive salaries that are fair . Great places to work have a high level of transparency . The people who make up the company are happy

What makes a company a great place to work all comes down to its culture in which employees feel happy, healthy, fulfilled, and productive. Almost every person wants a job they love to feel good about themselves. A company with a core purpose or mission will have more engaged employees who take pride in their work. Having a clear vision for the future helps people know what they have to do. So, they are not just working towards something but also know how their contributions impact the organization.

What makes the Company a Great Place to Work?

It’s a litany of reasons. Having employees who stay with the company longer and low turnover rates are both good indicators of a great place to work. But there is no single set of characteristics that are the common denominator of every company to be considered a great place to work.

However, a great company establishes favorable principles its people like and finds success in policies that reward its employees.

It is a place that repeatedly demonstrates an interest in the personal and professional growth of its employees. The company offers a range of comprehensive benefits to attract or keep the best people while ensuring that its employees feel fulfilled in their job. So, what makes a great place to work?

Here are 16 examples of what makes a company a great place to work:

1. A Company that Values its Employees

A company that values its employees and allows them to grow and learn. We are not talking about growth in terms of money or positions but opportunities to learn new skills and feel challenged.

It is a company that cares about its employees and invests in their professional development.

2. The Company that Pays Competitive Salaries

Being offered competitive compensation packages is one way to know that the company is a great workplace.

A company that values your skills, experience, and talent offers competitive benefits packages including health, insurance, retirement, paid time off, and parental leave.

Offering competitive pay ensures high productivity by retaining top talent and attracting talented new employees into the company.

But it is worth pointing out that it is not about perks alone or other benefits either as nice as they may be – it’s about having an appealing culture and inspiring goals.

3. A company that has a strong sense of Community

What makes a company a great place to work is the strong sense of community that encourages teamwork and values the well-being of its employees. The environment encourages people to work together as a team rather than against each other.

A great company values human interaction and promotes cohesion among all levels of staff members throughout the business. Its employees interact with one another in an open environment, and all feel supported or valued at work.

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4. The Transparent Company

So, what does it mean to say that a company is transparent? It means that no matter where you are in the organization, you will have access to information about your job and how your work contributes to the company’s mission.

And if there’s ever anything you need clarification on, you can always reach out to your manager or team member for an answer.

5. Employees are Encouraged to Self-Develop

Employees are supported to develop themselves by taking advantage of opportunities like attending conferences or enrolling in courses offered by the company like leadership or management training.

Also, employees can advance their careers through promotions or by switching to a related job.

6. A Company that Promotes Openness

The company has an open culture of communication which means that there’s transparency about how they make decisions. And employees know what senior managers expect from them.

The culture of openness promotes and spreads trust among team members because everyone knows where they stand with one another.  It also make every employee to know their responsibilities and understands how they should contribute to the company goal.

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7. A Company with Strong Core Purpose

The company has a purpose or mission which helps employees take pride in what they do every day. Because Job satisfaction is more than getting paid well, it is about working hard and contributing to the company goal.

The sense of fulfilment leads to more engaged employees who feel invested in their role at the organization by having a clear understanding of where the business is going and how their contributions help make this happen.

The most dedicated people are those who feel like they have a direct connection to the work they’re doing.

8. A Company that Keeps its People Happy

A great company to work for is one that keeps its employees happy, healthy, and productive. It’s a workplace where people want to come in every day because it provides an environment where they can do their best work while enjoying themselves.

Employees are happier when they feel like they belong to a place where everyone wants coming in to work every day. It makes them feel fulfilled and creates an environment where people can do their best work without feeling restricted by any obstacles.

9. The company that Invest in its Employees

A company invests in its employees when it hires and trains them, provides a safe work environment, offers competitive compensation and benefits packages, and helps develop their skills.

It also means that the company is committed to helping employees grow as professionals by providing opportunities for advancement.  As an employee, you must understand that the company is investing in you and expects a certain level of performance from all its employees.

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10. A Company with Good Management

Management listens to employee feedback and implements changes when appropriate.

It means that as an employee, your voice matters, and your input can make a difference when it comes to company decisions.

When management listens to employees’ ideas and then makes changes based on those ideas, they create an environment where people feel their contributions matter.

11. A Company that Cares for the Well-being of its People

But what does care mean? It means the company is empathetic about the well-being of its employees.

In other words, the whole management cares about the physical and emotional health of their people.

It is more than just providing a quality working environment with good employee benefits. It also means taking an interest in employees’ personal lives and supporting them to improve their mental health and get ahead in life.

12. The Company that Helps People to Achieve their Goals

A company that helps people to achieve their career goals provides them with the resources to be successful.

It also creates a culture of excellence, where employees get opportunities for growth and development while feeling valued.

Some great companies offer flexible hours so parents can balance work with family life — which is necessary for achieving one’s professional goals.

The purpose of all the perks are is to make sure that employees stay at their jobs longer because they feel fulfilled professionally and personally.

13. The Company that supports Employee on Various Levels

A company is considered a great place to work when it supports its employees on various levels.

Whether it’s personal or professional, they want to make sure you are taken care of. They provide a safe and healthy work environment with competitive salaries and benefits that fit your needs.

The company also provides resources like technology tools, workshops, and training sessions so you can keep up-to-date on industry trends to stay competitive.

They also ensure that you have access to mentorship programs to help you develop leadership skills.

14. The Company that Promotes Collaboration and Teamwork

People in the company work together instead of competing with one another for their ambitions and gains. Competition is good for spurring people to be their best.

But what happens when departments start competing with each other? Nothing! Some companies tend to focus on the individual performance of their employees rather than encouraging collaboration between departments.

Many people in the workplace are used to competing with their colleagues for a promotion or recognition. The unfortunate reality is that many companies reward individual achievements.

Great companies realize the many benefits from departments working together rather than one person or department trying to do it all alone.

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15. A Company that Embraces Uniqueness

Great companies to work for usually build a culture that embraces uniqueness, creativity, and self-directionality. A company’s culture is like a fingerprint.

It blends with its employees in unique ways. Some great companies have cultures that embrace individuality but also want everyone to work as one cohesive unit.

Many different factors go into building a company culture, including focusing on team members’ strengths rather than their weaknesses, embracing people who think differently than those around them, and creating an inclusive environment for all types of talent.

16. All People in the Company seem Fulfilled

When people in the company are happy and seem to be fulfilled by what they do is a sign of a great place to work. This is seen through their dedication, work ethic, and enjoyment of their job.

The employees love where they work because it is a place that values them as individuals and not just numbers or machines.

They enjoy coming into the office knowing that there will be challenging projects with other like-minded people who want to grow together.


A company is considered a great place to work because it has, over the years, focused on hiring and retaining employees who are not only professional in their conduct and performance but also enjoy coming into work.

Nearly every employee will want to work for a company with high standards for performance and innovation, with a strong leadership team that sets an inspiring environment.

They will also like to work with great colleagues who bring diverse perspectives and backgrounds together.

People also want to work for a company that provides fun activities during times where work gets tedious and offers flexibility depending on individual needs.

I hope you have got something out of this article. So what makes a great place to work for you? Leave your thoughts in the comment below

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