13 Examples of Salary Negotiation

How to Ask for a Higher Salary | How to Negotiate for a Higher Salary Offer

It’s common to feel anxious or nervous about salary negotiation. When you know your value, it can be easier to negotiate a salary. But if you don’t know, it can…

10 Examples of Taking a Risk

Examples of Risk Taking | Examples of Risk | Examples of Taking a Risk at Work

Taking a risk means engaging in an activity that may cause personal, physical, financial, or social harm. When taking a risk at work there are two types of risk-taking: calculated…

29 Tips on Self Improvement and Motivation

Best Self Improvement Advice | Tips on Self Improvement

The meaning of self improvement is not the same for everybody because we are all different and carry our own unique set of values, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations throughout life. Many…

14 Examples of Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Leaders are not perfect. They have weaknesses just like everyone else. However, their flaws are often amplified because they are in the spotlight and expected to be better than everyone…

13 Examples of Self-Management

Examples of Self-management Skills

As the workplace is becoming increasingly complex, the need for individuals to be self-managers has increased. The idea of being responsible for your work output appeals to many people because…

9 Examples of Setting Boundaries

Examples of Boundaries in the Workplace | Examples of Personal Boundaries

Setting boundaries in the workplace can be tricky because we need others to succeed. Every day we are told constantly that people only thrive when there is a team effort….

16 Examples of a Good Mentor

Examples of Mentoring in the Workplace

When you want to grow your career, have someone to help guide you and make your path easier. But not everyone knows how and where to find the right person…

32 Positive Thoughts for Hard Work

Positive Thoughts for Hard Work and Success

It feels good to go home each day knowing you’ve done the best job for your employer. The sense of achievement makes it worth the effort and sacrifice that comes…

13 Examples of Negative Reinforcement

Examples of Negative Reinforcement and Positive Reinforcement

Managers often find themselves in situations where they have unpleasant conversations with employees, either formally or informally, to get their point across. Unfortunately, sometimes negative feedback is necessary. There are…

26 Examples of Good Decision-Making

Examples of Good Decision Making Skills

Being able to decide in different situations is one of the most critical skills in any profession, especially leadership role. Any leader who can’t decide is probably not fit to…