28 Examples of a Good Employee

Qualities of a Good Employee

A company can’t succeed if its employees aren’t high-quality contributors — all its prospects for growth will dwindle if its employees aren’t good. So, every business needs a strong team of employees to provide quality customer service while also excelling in their duties. It’s critically essential to have a good employee who take pride in their work brings stability and camaraderie to any company.

What is a good employee?

A good employee is someone who performs their duties well independently or as directed and does not create problems for their fellow workers, boss, or organization.

Not only do they execute their duty efficiently, but they also assist other workers and make everything easier for their teams, managers, and themselves to succeed.

What sets good employees apart from bad ones?

Let’s take a look at some of the qualities of a good employee. If you’re not sure how to improve yourself, one thing is for a certain — being a good worker is something you can learn.

So, here are 28 examples of a good employee:

1. Strives to improve job performance

Good employees always strive to improve their job performance. When an employee has the habit of asking how they can be better at their position — they put more effort in to improve themselves and do their work well.

2. Has a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude makes you enjoy your job more and has a very attractive quality. When other employees see how much you enjoy your job, it motivates them to be more energetic and positive.

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3. Is well organized

If you are always disorganized, then it can affect your productivity and ability to complete a task on time. Good employees are not disorganized and do not procrastinate.

They stay focused on what they need to accomplish without getting distracted by other things around them.

4. Works for the team

Good employees are more than just individuals working on their own goals. They know that every team member has a crucial role to play and try to understand each person’s job in the company.

Additionally, A good employee knows what makes other people tick — so they listen attentively to colleagues’ needs and wants.

5. Is willing to learn

It is part of an employee’s duty to learn and develop new concepts on the job so they grow more in their career. Good employees accept challenges and seek help from others so that they can improve and grow.

They are willing to learn new things because they realize how much it helps them become better workers, not to mention how much it sets them apart from other employees.

6. Is punctual

Good employees always arrive to work on time, follow company rules and procedures. They usually avoid being late, even just by a few minutes.

If they can’t help it, they inform the person in charge of their shift or team leader ahead of time to let them have enough time to adjust their plan for the day.

7. Is honest

Good employees have a solid reputation and always strive to do more beyond expectations. They don’t take credit for work they didn’t do, are not manipulative or vindictive, and don’t brag about their achievements.

8. Exhibits accountability examples

Employees have to be accountable for their actions at work, but many have a hard time doing so. Some people don’t want to accept responsibility for what they do, while others lack the ability to do so.

Accountability is one of the most vital qualities an employee can have. Good employees tend to be polite with good manners and take ownership of their actions and consequences.

A good, accountable employee knows when they’ve made a mistake, own up to it, apologize, and show how they will improve in the future.

9. Has a great attitude

Good employees are not perfect, so when makes mistakes happen, they don’t dwell on them. They don’t take their frustrations or anger on others and always try to find solutions instead of pointing fingers or blaming someone else for their problems.

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10. Enjoys building relationships

One of the most important aspects of being a good employee is having an open mind. An empathetic personality allows them to see things from different points of view, making it easier to build new relationships with colleagues.

They have their personal goals and interests but, the team is what matters to them, and they aren’t afraid to be part of it.

11. Doesn’t need handholding

Another valuable quality for a good employee is the ability to do things on their own. Those who need constant attention and supervision are not resourceful and can even become a nuisance o hindrance to their team.

12. Has an open mind

Much like the person who needs constant supervision, those with a closed mind have a hard time working in a team environment.

Teams don’t work well when there is inflexibility, and most certainly, an employee with a closed mindset can be an obstacle for the team.

13. Is proactive and productive

A good employee doesn’t wait for an assignment — they take initiative, asking what they can do to contribute more and become even better.

They’re always on the lookout for new opportunities or ways to improve their current assignments and will suggest them without hesitation.

14. Is flexible

A good employee doesn’t let disappointment or anger stop them from accepting a new assignment or challenge — they are more willing to do anything for the team. They’re not afraid of change and adjust well no matter what the circumstances are.

15. Shows leadership

Employees who are not afraid of taking charge or showing initiative are great assets to any company. They’re not shy when it comes to communicating with coworkers or clients professionally.

They lead by example, making sure they’re fully prepared to take over when needed.

Good employees know their goals for each day, week, month, and year at work — which helps them accomplish more than expected without sacrificing quality.

16. Solves problems

Good employees don’t make excuses when problems arise. They discover the problem and work with their team members to find solutions as quickly as possible.

They thrive when dealing tough challenges, which is why having them around can help ensure the team succeeds whenever facing issues.

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17. Learns quickly

A good employee picks up skills quickly or finds the answers to any question within a reasonable time. When they are given new tasks, they complete them efficiently and without hand-holding from their superiors.

18. Has high morals

A good employee has high morals and values, which is why they always do the right thing. When an issue arises, they speak up for what’s right or back down if needed not to hurt their team or the company’s morale and image.

19. Follows instructions

Good employees follow instructions. And if the instructions aren’t clear, they don’t just take it upon themselves to do what they think is right.

They ask questions and listen intently for clarification to ensure that, there is no misunderstanding or confusion.

20. Adapts well to new situations

There are always changes in the work environment, whether it’s a new work colleague who doesn’t know how things work or a sudden change in management or policies.

A good employee can adapt quickly to any change in circumstance and try their best to make the situation better for everyone.

21. Exudes great work ethic

Good employees have a good work ethic that is contagious to those around them. They don’t give up when things get tough and always pull through on the deadlines, even if they have to work more hours than usual.

22. Has great character and integrity

Character is what guides an individual’s actions, whether or not it is right or wrong. Every action and word executed by a person is determined and influenced by their character. A good employee’s character makes them what they are.

23. Strives for excellence

Excellence means doing best in everything. It is about excelling in whatever you do. It reflects a high degree of accomplishment and skillful execution, as well as ambition and determination.

One of the best and most highly praised traits of a good employee is that they always strive for excellence. Good employees will never stop applying themselves, even when things get hard.

24. Is passionate about what they do

Passion is energy, drive, and enthusiasm. It is what propels an individual to persevere and achieve their goals. Having passion for the work they do will help an employee become successful in their career.

Good employees are passionate about being the best at what they do. They have a good attitude about work and never give up just because of a few obstacles.

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25. Is a good communicator

A good communicator is someone who can effectively communicate both orally, verbally, or in writing, and non-verbally including through the use of gestures, expressions, tone of voice, and eye contact to convey information. This is important because it prevents misunderstandings within the workplace.

A good employee also listens well — this means understanding what they are trying to say without interrupting them when speaking.

26. Can handle criticism

A good employee can handle criticism, especially if it comes from an employer or a superior. They take the time to listen and work on the problems that are pointed out. They would act than complain or talk behind their supervisor’s back.

27. Performs well under pressure

While most employees panic under pressure or crumble, a good employee remains calm and focused. It may seem like they are not doing anything, but amid chaos, they are secretly coming up with solutions and helping everyone out.

28. Learns from mistakes

A good employee makes a conscious effort to avoid repeating mistakes, and uses the knowledge they acquired from a failure as a tool for future success. In other words, a good employee becomes better by learning from past mistakes.


Not all good employees possess similar qualities. Some may have more talent than others, but the most important thing is that they learn, show integrity, and work well with others.

Good employees also can adapt to any environment — they are dependable and can be counted on when everyone else is falling apart.

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