What Skills and Qualities Do Employers Look for?

What Qualities Do Employers Look for in Employees | What Do Employers Want from Employees

Employers want good employees who show up every day at the workplace on time and ready to do the job. But, what skills and qualities do employers look for?  Well, each company is different with its list of business requirements.  No matter how different their business needs are, there is similar things all employers look for in an employee.  

Employers want competent employees, with the right attitude and a certain baseline of skills.

What are Skills and Qualities Do Employers Look For?

1. Analytical Skills

Employers want employees who can confront a problem, think it through, and come up with a solution. So, they look for individuals with analytical skills to help them deal with some of the complex challenges in companies.

Analytical employees can listen actively and understand complex situations. They can identify things that make sense from a pile of information.

Analytical employees can analyse complex numerical data and make the right conclusion. They can also remember information and have a strong visual perception of information

2. Entrepreneurial Skills

Most employers know that acting paramount, so they like people who act instead of talking. People with an entrepreneurial mindset to do more work than talking.

Also, employees who think like entrepreneurs can identify problems, and take appropriate actions. They have a state of mind that keeps their eyes open to opportunities around them.

3. Commitment

Employers want good employees who can show the right skills, qualities, experience, desire, and energy to take on the role.

Employers also look for commitment. Because they want to ensure if employee will stay longer in the role or the person is willing to do more than they ask for.

Employees have to work more hours beyond the normal time or taking on extra tasks that is not included in your job profile.

Good employees commit themselves to do whatever it takes to succeed. Even if it means taking on more work or staying beyond their normal working hours.

So, when employers look for a good employee, they focus on someone who shows some degree of commitment. Committed employees take their work because all that they want is to do well every day.

4. Good Track Record

Employers want employees with a good track record. They want to see that you have faced challenges and you managed to overcome them.

They also want to be sure that the employee can handle critical information or do the job right off the bat. If they assign you some sensitive tasks or information, and you botch it, then it can damage the employer’s performance and reputation.

5. Strong Work Ethic

Employers want employees with a strong work ethic. People with a good work ethic stay focused on tasks to get the job done. They do the job right away instead of wasting time procrastinating.

Also, employees with a strong work ethic are always punctual for work which is a good sign of being devoted to their job.

6. Flexibility

Flexibility is very important because business conditions change so fast. Also, innovations and shifts in technology are a few reasons why flexibility is necessary for most companies.

So, employers look for people who can change to deal with shifting customer behaviors and new situations. Being flexible allows you to adapt to changing dynamics of the business.

A flexible employee is always available to take on work challenges as may be required.

7. Proactive Skills

Employers are always on the lookout for new ideas that can improve their processes, services or make the workflow smoother. They look for employees who can start change and bring improvements to make the job better for everyone.

Good employees take initiative, suggest changes, and encourage others to work harder to make things happen.

8. Dependable

Employers want employees who are reliable and serious about the job. So, they look for someone who can show that they are dependable and committed.

Being dependable means coming to work every day on time, and do the job. It also means holding yourself accountable and take personal ownership of all aspects of your work. Dependable employees keep commitments and meet deadlines all the time.

9. Team Player

In many situations, employees are expected to work with colleagues on projects. Even if the tasks they are working on don’t need support from other people, there will be times when teamwork is needed.

That is why employers put emphasis on building teams that work. They look for individuals with the right skills to work with others. People who are comfortable working with others, are often the best employees.

10. Communication Skills

Employers are always striving to build workplaces where all employees can communicate to each other with respect.

So as an employee, being able to communicate well is crucial for having a strong and productive working relationship with colleagues.

If an employee doesn’t know how to discuss, explain, resolve issues respectfully, the person can cause a toxic atmosphere within the team.

11. Innovativeness  

Most employers are looking for people who can create new things. Creative employees always come up with innovative ideas and can solve complex problems in the workplace.

Innovative employees always see possibilities and plenty of opportunities wherever they are. They don’t have limitations and scarcity mindset.

12. Honesty

Employers want honest employees. Honest employees admit their mistakes — they don’t cover up and learn not to make them again.
Honest individuals do the right things and it is what distinguishes the quality of employees.

13. Positive Attitude

Employers look for employees who can enhance the image of their brand and drive a positive atmosphere at work. Employers want people who can show that they can work through challenges.

14. Self-managing

Employers always look for employees who show self-management skills. Employees who have these skills don’t need to be pushed to get work done.

They don’t wait to get instructions from managers and they deliver good results. Good employees know how to manage their workload and prioritise tasks.

15. Computer Skills

Today, employers are looking for employees with strong computer skills. Every employee is expected to have some basic computer and mobile device skills.

Computer skills vary by job. Employers are seeking people with at least the basic knowledge of using Microsoft office that includes Excel, Power point, and Words programs.

Employers also want employees who can use advanced email programs like Microsoft Outlook.

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