Managing With Authenticity And Leadership


Why managing with authenticity and leadership makes you a better manager. Many managers do not engage with the people they are tasked to lead.  

Managing and leading are two different things, but many managers do not know this. They think that once you are in a management position, you automatically become a leader, which is not valid.  It is a pure lack of self-awareness.

Because to be a leader, one has to get closer to the frontline and become people sensitive.  Being people sensitive is one of the many attributes of an authentic leader.  

When waking up every morning, look in the mirror and ask — what is the right way to lead the team?  You want to be as useful as possible to your team members.  

Also, as a leader, you should aim to train all individuals members relentlessly and show them the way to be productive.

As people develop and become confident, your daily involvement in their activities must be reduced to give them autonomy.

Many people say that leaders are born.  However, that is not entirely true. Anyone can grasp and develop the necessary skills to become a leader — through training, coaching, and work experience.

Someone can take different avenues to develop his or her leadership skills and experiences.  After developing the skills, people start to realize it was not that daunting.  

Once loaded with all the knowledge and aptitudes, it is left to put them into practice and find their path.  

To become a good leader requires more than acquiring leadership skills.  So take a deep-dive and become authentic.  However, authenticity is more than just being self.  It requires understanding and tackles behavioral and skill gaps.

Often, managers do not feel the need to deal with our behavior and capability gaps. We do not see the need to analyze the person we avoid the most — ourselves.  

The truth is that many of us are not the type of managers or leaders we think we are.  Good managers are authentic leaders.  Also, they are not afraid to question themselves.  

They do self-analysis because they want to ensure that their leadership is inspiring rather than hurting others. 

Managing with authenticity and leadership requires not to dehumanize the workplace.

It needs the manager to have total belief in team members.  People need better authentic leadership, not crap management.

That is why good managers manage less and lead more.  They distribute responsibilities and decision-making authority, not just the tasks.  

They train people to make decisions, solve problems and know how to get out of the way.

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