33 Examples of Feedback

Examples of Positive Feedback

Positive feedback can have a ripple effect on those around us. When we express our gratitude and appreciation to others, they can be encouraged to pass the sentiment on further down the line — and then create a positive reinforcement with many professional and personal benefits. Whenever we provide feedback in a timely and constructive manner, it can help employees and managers achieve their goals and contribute to the overall team’s success.

What is positive feedback?

Positive feedback is a genuine remark or compliment to the person who performed an action that is seen or felt desirable and valuable. It is a way of acknowledging the effort and behavior and reaffirming that the individual’s actions were helpful, useful, and beneficial in one way or another to others.

Positive feedback can be verbal (such as “thank you” or “nice job”) or non-verbal (such as thumbs up, a smile, nod, or pat on the back).

Why is feedback important?

Feedback is essential because it can provide valuable information about how well a particular action or behavior works or how well a person performs a task. It helps us to discover any problems with what we are doing and then make the necessary adjustments.

It can also help us identify areas we need to improve and motivate us to continue working hard. With feedback, it is easier to learn and improve our skills.

On a more practical level, positive feedback serves as a form of recognition that provides motivation and inspires people to reach their potential. It builds self-esteem by showing people their efforts are valued and appreciated.

Positive feedback creates an atmosphere where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities rather than failures, enabling individuals to take risks without fear of negative consequences.

Overall, positive feedback can have a long-lasting impact on individuals and teams. However, giving and receiving feedback can take time and effort. So, here are 33 examples of feedback comments to give an idea:

1. Taking initiative

I’m impressed with how you proactively seek out new tasks and get involved into new projects. Instead of waiting for instructions, you anticipate what needs doing next and jump into action without being asked — something which shows great initiative and demonstrates your commitment towards achieving success for the team and yourself individually.

2. Adapting to changes

You have been excellent in adapting quickly to changes and reacting proactively to unexpected situations. Your flexibility has enabled us to move forward in the face of adversity and changing conditions, which is essential in a rapidly evolving work environment.

Your willingness to tackle challenging tasks with enthusiasm is commendable, and it helps foster a positive atmosphere in the workplace. As a result, we have achieved success despite challenging conditions.

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3. Being flexible

Your flexibility enables us to respond faster when faced with unexpected situations. Instead of getting stuck in rigid processes or routines, you demonstrate an impressive level of agility by adapting quickly based on newly arising circumstances – something that keeps projects on track despite any setbacks.

4. Attention to detail

I have noticed how carefully you pay attention to detail when carrying out tasks or projects. The care you take in your work often prevents mistakes and revisions, saving us time and money by avoiding unnecessary rework.

Your thoroughness is a valuable skill that helps us ensure our projects are at the highest level of quality before submission.

5. Collaborative thinking

You demonstrate excellent collaboration skills when working with colleagues inside and outside our team. I can always rely on your ability to communicate clearly with those around you so that ideas can be exchanged easily.

You can see the bigger picture while still paying attention to individual details, allowing us to combine resources effectively and achieve shared goals faster than we ever thought possible.

6. Managing time

Your time management skills have improved significantly over the past few months. Now you can manage multiple projects and meet deadlines without compromising the quality of work or customer satisfaction.

Your organizational skills have allowed us to move swiftly from task to task without falling behind schedule or running over budget.

You pay attention to deadlines and prioritize your workload accordingly, which helps us stay on track even when facing tight timelines or unexpected challenges that arise during a project lifecycle.

7. Engaging in solving problems

I’m delighted with your creative approach to solving problems. You consistently approach challenges creatively instead of just identifying the issues. Your troubleshooting abilities allow us to tackle challenging issues quickly and effectively, saving valuable time and resources.

Your dedication to problem-solving reflects your commitment to excellence in all aspects of work, something I genuinely appreciate.

8. Implementing improvements

You always follow through on suggestions for improvement. Whether it is streamlining processes or finding ways to increase efficiency, you help take our operations to the next level by implementing these improvements.

You also come up with helpful ideas on how we can improve existing practices, which is invaluable for growth.

9. Leading the team

Your leadership has been highly beneficial for the team. You provide clear direction and guidance to help ensure everyone is working towards the same objectives while also building morale within the team.

Your inspiring attitude encourages everyone to put in their best efforts and strive for excellence in whatever they do.

And you demonstrate true leadership qualities in various situations, especially during high pressure or stress. You can make decisions quickly, delegate tasks effectively, and motivate your team members to reach their goals quickly.

10. Resolution conflicts

Your knack for resolving conflicts enables us to navigate tricky situations successfully — even when there are disagreements between team members, you objectively assess each side before coming up with practical solutions that make everyone happy.

This helps create a sense of harmony within the team and allows everyone to continue working harmoniously without disruption.

11. Pursuing excellence

I admire how passionate you are about striving for excellence in everything you do — this kind of dedication positively affects everyone around since it sets up an environment where everyone feels inspired to push themselves further than ever before to make a lasting impact on our team.

12. Taking accountability

You consistently demonstrate high accountability for your work, taking ownership of tasks and projects and ensuring that deadlines are met. Your commitment to holding yourself accountable has helped us stay on track and reach our goals without fail.

13. Improving communication

Your communication skills have improved significantly in recent months in terms of written communication and verbal presentations.

You have shown an impressive ability to articulate your ideas clearly and concisely, making sure that the message is understood by all involved. This is an essential skill that you should continue honing so that we can further enhance our team’s productivity.

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14. Meeting deadlines

I greatly appreciate your diligence and focus on meeting deadlines. You have consistently delivered quality work on time, often ahead of schedule, which allows us to stay productive and reach our desired outcomes quickly.

With your help, we have been able to keep up with an ever-changing workflow and remain competitive in the market.

15. Strategic thinking

You demonstrate excellent strategic thinking when it comes to planning projects and problem-solving. Your ability to quickly break complex issues into smaller components makes them easier to understand and manage.

Furthermore, you can develop creative solutions considering all stakeholders’ needs while meeting our business objectives.

16. Working with others

It is a pleasure seeing you work in a team setting. You consistently demonstrate strong collaboration skills by actively listening to others’ opinions, offering helpful suggestions, and contributing to the project’s overall success.

Your willingness to work with other teams on projects demonstrates how well you collaborate with others – even when it requires crossing organisational boundaries or working with unfamiliar people or situations.

17. Thinking analytically

Your analytical thinking skills allow us to make better decisions based on data rather than guesswork or intuition. This helps us become more effective in our efforts, planning more accurately for future and budgeting for resources needed for success.

18. Developing confidence

I have noticed a marked improvement in your confidence when communicating ideas during meetings. This has resulted in more effective dialogues between yourself, colleagues, clients, and vendors, which leads to better outcomes for everyone involved in the process.

In addition, your communication skills have improved significantly over the last year — from putting across complicated ideas clearly through writing emails faster — making it easier for everyone involved in a project to understand exactly what is expected of them.

19. Self-motivation

I am impressed by your drive when tackling tasks assigned to you. No matter how difficult they may seem, you always push yourself further until they are completed successfully. This dedication benefits those who rely upon your work and shows how much pride you take in doing a good job.

20. Ability To learn quickly

You have demonstrate an impressive ability to learn different concepts quickly from scratch while showing initiative toward self-improvement to retain relevant knowledge. This attribute brings about greater efficiency and lets us explore other areas of expertise so that progress can be made more quicker.

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21. Being Proactive

I have been impressed with your proactivity in recent projects. You consistently take the initiative to identify and anticipate problems before they arise and come up with potential solutions. This helps us stay ahead of the game and ensures we can react quickly when necessary.

22. Thinking creatively

Your creative thinking skills are truly impressive. You constantly develop imaginative ideas when faced with challenging tasks that completely change how we approach things. Unsurprisingly, most of our successful campaigns were fuelled by your out-of-the-box thinking.

23. Focusing on results

You never lose sight of the goal or become sidetracked from what matters most — achieving results. I appreciate that you always strive towards progress rather than wasting time arguing points or debating minor details unnecessarily, which helps us complete tasks faster than ever before.

24. Embracing change

I commend you for being open-minded to new ideas and embracing change whenever necessary. Your flexibility has helped us transition more smoothly into different processes or strategies, allowing us to reach success faster every time.

25. Following through

You always follow through on any commitments you make. Whether completing assigned tasks within deadlines or responding thoughtfully to customer inquiries, you always deliver exactly what you promise — this is something I truly value about your work ethic.

26. Working under pressure

You remain calm even under high-pressure situations such as tight deadlines or complicated client requests, relying on your organizational skills and ability to think quickly to efficiently solve any issue presented to you.

Such resilience allows us to deliver quick results without sacrificing quality or professionalism at any time of day or night.

27. Being resourceful

Your resourcefulness is evident whenever you are put into challenging situations — you always manage to find ways around obstacles so that everyone benefits from them.

Such creative solutions make all the difference between succeeding and failing when it comes to getting things done efficiently.

28. Respecting others

I appreciate how you treat everyone, both within and outside the team, with respect. You approach conversations positively and demonstrate genuine empathy for those needing help or guidance.

That sets you apart as an exemplary leader who understands the value of good relationships.

29. Maintaining professionalism

Your professionalism is second to none. You always professionally present yourself and dress appropriately for the workplace. Your ability to maintain a professional image reflects positively on our team and speaks volumes about your commitment to excellence.

30. Serving customers

Your customer service skills are outstanding. I was genuinely impressed by how you handled that problematic client yesterday—you listened carefully to their concerns, asked thoughtful questions to understand their needs, and then offered specially tailored solutions to address their problem.

Your empathy and patience shone through in the conversation, allowing us to reach a successful resolution.

31. Dealing with a difficult Situation

I am so proud of the way you handled the difficult situation with our biggest supplier last week.

You maintained professionalism throughout the entire process and used creative problem-solving tactics to bring about a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties involved. That sort of intelligence is invaluable.

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32. Searching for data

Your research skills are absolutely excellent — you can always dig up precise details about any topic we need information about, no matter what.

Your ability to locate relevant data points quickly allows us to make informed decisions efficiently — thank you for being such an invaluable asset.

33. Giving a presentation

I know that giving presentations can be daunting at times, but I saw first-hand how prepared and confident you were during yesterday’s meeting with upper management — it was impressive.

Your ability to clearly explain complex concepts while keeping everyone engaged was undoubtedly noted by those present. Thank you so much for representing our team well.


The importance of sharing feedback in the workplace cannot be overstated. It can build employee confidence while encouraging them to strive for excellence within the team.

And it effectively recognizes excellent and poor performances while motivating employees to improve their skills and expand their knowledge continuously. But, managers need to recognize big and small accomplishments so that all employees are encouraged to do their best every day.

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