The Best Drinking Games for Team Building

Drinking Games for Team Development | Drinking Games for Team Collaboration | Drinking Games for Team Engagement

Team building is not just about engaging in onsite or office activities to bond people together. Building a well-connected and more productive team requires building a strong foundation of trust. And nowhere can people feel free to open up and know each other better than having a drink together. There are many of the best drinking games for team building, team development, team collaboration, and team engagement.  You can find a few them below:

The Best Drinking Games for Team Building

1. Straight face

If you are the giggly kind of person, it will be nearly impossible for you to win this game. Simply grab a pen and a few sheets of paper and get everyone to write down something that might make the other participants laugh.

When you have your golden line of comedy ready, have someone else read it out loud. Those with so much giggle or smiles must take a drink.

2. Most Likely

This drinking game is more fun with teammates who know each other well. Each round, someone asks, who is most likely to perform an action.

Within seconds everyone must point to the person who they think would be the most likely candidate. So whoever has the most fingers pointed at them must take a drink.

The person can deny it but in this game majority rules. Just be aware you might be surprised to learn what your teammates think of you.

3. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is the most popular drinking game. If you have been to any team party, you probably have seen people playing this game.

Anyway, here are the rules and easy to follow: Two teams have between six to ten cups at opposite ends of the table. Each of them takes turns tossing ping-pong balls into the other’s cups.

If one player makes it into one of the cups, the other must take a drink and remove the cup. It is a classic drinking game that livens up all teammates to have fun and easy to learn.

4. Never Have I Ever

This is a classic drinking game that will get your team members to open and reveal interesting things about themselves. Each player takes turns stating something they’ve never done.

Those who have experienced it must take a drink and this can lead to some interesting or insanely weird conversations both with friends you thought you knew everything about and people you’ve just met.

Players have to go back and forth noting facts about their teammates. Each time a player gets three statements wrong, they must take a drink.

5. Quarters

Quarters is an easy game to set up and learn but very difficult to master. Ideally, it is made for two to four players. It involves each player bouncing a quarter into a glass or Cup set in the middle.

If a player makes it in they choose a player who has to drink. If they fail, the play passes to the next player. The game has variations of rules as well as different versions but quarters is great if you want something that requires more skill.

6. Slap Cup

How to play Slap cup? It is simple, gather a good number of cups in the center of the table with the cup in the center or middle being filled with the most beer. This game is similar to another popular drinking game but has a different set of rules.

You and your playing mate stand at opposite ends of the table. The opponent next to you needs to toss a ball into one of their cups. If they manage to do it, you must take the drink from that cup.

The game continues until only the middle cup remains. Should your opponent make it to the center first, be prepared to drink everything down.

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7. Flip Cup

Flip Cup involves two teams of four with each player given their drink starting at one end. Each teammate has to finish their drink in a red cup and flip it upside down.

The Next teammate can only start their turn when the former has finished. This game requires a hefty amount of speed and energy. It is not a game for slow drinkers or uncoordinated ones.

8. Kings Cup

To play King’s Cup you need to form a circle with your teammates and place a cup in the center of it. Then place any number of cards around the cup and every player takes turns drawing a card.

Each card is assigned to a specific rule which can differ depending on how you play.

9. Two Truths and A Lie

This is a great ice-breaker drinking game particularly if you have members who just joined the team. It is a slow-paced drinking game that can be very revealing without being too intrusive.

The way it is played is one person describes three things about themselves. Two of those things must be true, and one must be a lie.

So, the other person guesses which one is a lie and if their guess is incorrect, they drink. If the person gets right, then you drink.

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