Many Companies Make Mistakes After Hiring Temporary Workers

Many Companies Make Mistakes After Hiring Temporary Workers

The benefits of hiring temporary workers are countless, as they can bring wide-ranging resources to the company.  But managers often fail to harness these resources for companies to achieve full benefits.

Mistakes Companies Make

Temporary workers are not unskilled young people looking for temporary employment.  Temporary employees include many older workers. 

There is also a common perception that temporary workers have low skill levels.  This is not true. Temporary workers are usually pre-qualified and come from trusted sources.  

They can be at any level of qualification.  And often on the same level as permanent employees.

Many of them work for years in the same job.  It is like they’re doing permanent full-time work in the same company.  

Another common misconception is that these workers cannot be as committed.  Temporary workers can be as committed if not more than permanent employees.

Most temporary workers fall into the categories of very committed and committed. I have seen many of them working very hard to make as positive an impression only for managers to ignore their effort.

Temporary workers Belong to the Team

Part of being a good manager is to know how to spot cracks in your team.  If found, you then fill them out before they can cause a massive damage. 

But managers become reluctant to do that when it comes to temporary workers.  Especially when they are being bullied and targeted by permanent employees.  

It is difficult for them to be accepted as full members.  Even when they are doing the same job as permanent employees within the same team.  

Often, temporary workers are not allowed in staff meetings.  This is a big mistake.  Because, as a manager, you need to develop a unified team.  A team that has a winning culture.

If you want more from temporary workers, you can always get more.  But only if you are willing to help them integrate into your team.

Why Managers Apply Different Rules? 

More often these workers get excluded from training and workshops.  It is very difficult to understand why.  

I guess managers think that such investment is a waste of resources.  Something I find ridiculous if it’s true.  

There are also fears of disclosing confidential information to the temporary worker.

But I believe that the threat can only exist if people are made to feel like outsiders.

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So, don’t adjust the rules, and make sure you apply them equally to all employees.  Temporary workers are an important part of your team, and they need proper training.  Everybody in your team needs a learning curve to adapt to.

For a company to increase productivity and competitiveness, it has to keep training all its employees.  

Temporary workers can solve a lot of your productivity problems.  So, don’t look at them as casual workers, they are a good resource.  Treat them like a very useful resource. 

Complement and incentivize temporary workers

It’s considered common knowledge that complimenting someone for doing a good job makes that person feel motivated.  Yet, many managers haven’t done this when it comes to temporary workers.  

If temporary don’t feel appreciated, they will not put in much effort into the job.  Because like permanent employees they want to feel appreciated for the work they do.

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You have many ways you can show your appreciation.  Give an incentive for contributing to the team’s Improved performance.  

Also, ensure that they participate on an equal basis to that of permanent employees.  And consider them as a great pipeline to keep tabs on for future permanent vacancies.

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