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13 Good Training Topics for Managers

What are the Essential Training Programs for Managers? Leadership, Communication Skills, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Management of Employee Performance, Leading and Managing Change, Managing Time and Setting Priorities, Communicating to Different Personalities, Presenting for Managers, Common Practices of Coaching Employees

Managing is a challenging, yet rewarding profession.  One of the most important aspects of being an effective manager is ensuring that you are constantly developing yourself and your team. But…

What are the Key Functions of Operations Manager?

Skills for operations manager

Every organization needs to understand what its customers want to buy to tailor its production accordingly. It’s down to the operations manager to ensure that all pieces come together smoothly through…

The Top 11 Skills to Work in a Team

What are Some Teamwork Skills? Here are Teamwork skills: . Communication . Collaboration . Planning and organization . Leadership skills . Teamwork skills . Cooperation . Team-building skills . Problem-solving skills . Conflict resolution skills

The idea of working in a team can be exciting, but teamwork is not an instinct. It takes time, patience, desire, and skills to work with others to create something…

13 Examples of Good Character

Examples of Good Character in the Workplace | Examples of Showing Good Character

It’s no secret that being a good person pays off in the long run. Kind and honest people often reap the benefits of being respected, trusted, and even liked by…

18 Examples of Taking Control of a Situation

How to take control of a situation at work?When you take control of a situation, you are dealing with all the challenges and obstacles head-on!

In every work setting, there will be times when someone has to take control of a situation. This can be a simple task such as fixing a mistake on a…

20 Examples of Personal Mission Statements

Personal Mission Statement Examples for Leaders | Examples of personal mission statements for career

We all have reasons for doing the work we do. Whether it is a passion for the product or service we’re providing, a sense of responsibility to our team and…

Many Companies Make Mistakes After Hiring Temporary Workers

Many Companies Make Mistakes After Hiring Temporary Workers

The benefits of hiring temporary workers are countless, as they can bring wide-ranging resources to the company.  But managers often fail to harness these resources for companies to achieve full…

15 High Quality Work Examples

Deliver High Quality of Work

Sometimes, it is tempting to think that the more work you do, the better. However, that’s not always true. There is a time where doing less work can produce results….

What is Considered as Insubordination in the Workplace?

What is Insubordination Behavior | What Constitutes Employee Insubordination | What Constitutes Gross Insubordination | What Constitutes Serious Insubordination

One of the most pressing issues many managers face in the workplace is dealing with employee’s insubordinations.  Choosing the right set of actions to take and stop the employee’s inappropriate…

16 Examples of Gaslighting

Gaslighting Examples

When you enter a workplace, a hidden reality lurks beneath the surface. Often, this reality manifests as gaslighting. You may feel confused and helpless when your manager tries to deny…