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14 Examples of Managing up

Managing up Examples

As a manager or leader, you may be familiar with the strategy of managing up. But if you are like most people in the workplace, you may need to learn…

14 Examples of Accomplishments

Examples of Accomplishments at Work

Everyone in the workplace has different goals and ambitions that they are striving towards. But there is a common element regarding work accomplishments — achieving tangible results from our efforts….

13 Examples of Flexibility

Examples of Flexibility and Adaptability at Work

Being successful in the workplace requires a great deal of flexibility. Whether finding ways to complete a task more efficiently, adapting to changes in technology or methodologies, or learning how…

14 Examples of Integrity

Examples of Integrity and Trust in the Workplace

Every positive work environment is built upon trust, respect, and honesty. Integrity is the cornerstone of this culture. It is an essential value that managers, leaders, team members, and supervisors…

12 Examples of Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges at Work Examples

Working in a challenging environment can present many obstacles. Everyone encounters challenges in their workplace, whether related to a problematic coworker, an uncooperative customer, or a complex project. How we…

12 Examples of a Role Model

Examples of Role Rodels

Every team needs a role model to learn from — someone driven by the passion for reaching higher levels of success and achievement. A successful team has at least one…

13 Examples of Talents

Examples of Talents and Skills

A workplace is empty without the talent of its employees. It is the dreams and aspirations of each employee that make up a company’s mission and values. When every employee…

12 Examples of Community

Examples of a Community

It is not only the physical presence of a place but a sense of culture and belonging that defines what a community in the workplace is. It is about more…

21 Examples of Growth Mindset

Examples of Growth Mindsets

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, unable to move forward with your goals? Do you often feel like you need to meet your full potential? It could…

13 Examples of Work Culture

Workplace Culture Examples

Work culture is a set of beliefs, values, and behaviors contributing to the workplace’s unique social and psychological environment. The culture shapes how employees think, act, and communicate with their…