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15 Little Known Facts About Managers Qualities

Qualities of a good manager and leadership qualities

The success and failure in the workplace depend on many facts about managers qualities. Managers can build successful work teams, but they can also destroy strong ones.    But the best…

21 Powerful Leadership Qualities of a Good Leader


There are different kinds of great leaders today.  Among them are charismatic leaders, transformational leaders, and pragmatic leaders. But their great leadership qualities can mix within one leader in different ways. …

How to Build a Team that Works

Team build activity

What is a working team? It is a group of individuals with varying but complementary skills committed to working towards a common goal that each member understands and accepts.  It is…

Stop Your Talented Employee Overstepping Boundaries

Employee behaviour in the workplace

Most managers give unfettered freedom to the most talented team members to do what they want.  Managers like it when people keep pushing the boundaries to do an outstanding job….

11 Simple Ways of Motivating Employees at Workplace

Lack of motivation to work

There are many ways of motivating employees at work.  The most significant one is to enriching job quality and engaging with employees.  One of the reasons why people become unmotivated…

Assertiveness in the Workplace

Being Assertive in the Workplace

Assertiveness in the workplace is very important: Whenever we are dealing with our staff and colleagues at work, we find ourselves in situations where you feel uncomfortable because of differing…

Outrageous Things Managers do to Destroy Trust in the Workplace

Building trust in the workplace is very important

Building trust in the workplace is extremely hard, but to destroy it is outrageously easy. It is so difficult for individuals to work together without having a trusting relationship. That’s…

9 Simple Tips on How to Give Feedback to Team Members

Giving effective feedback and the importance of constructive feedback

Many team leaders do not know how to give productive feedback to team members at work.  Others find the process of having difficult conversations with team members awkward. So, they…

How to Build Teamwork in the Workplace

The importance of teamwork in the workplace

How to build teamwork in the workplace successfully depends on the sacrifice every individual is willing to make for the benefit of the team.  Building teamwork requires top commitment, self-discipline,…

How to Become a Team Leader in the Workplace

How to develop leadership skills in the workplace

There are many skills and qualities you need to learn before becoming a team leader in the workplace.  But at least demonstrate that you are capable of doing the following: Focus…

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