How to Demonstrate Honesty and Integrity in the Workplace

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Employers are always looking for ways to protect the reputation of their businesses.  So, they hire people who can demonstrate honesty and integrity in the workplace.  For any ambitious employee, you must behave in a way that shows your credibility, dependability and reliability.  Everything you do must demonstrate your openness, fairness, and self-respect because that is what integrity requires.

What does demonstrate honesty means?

Demonstrating honesty means being transparent and giving others permission to see the real you and form their own opinion. And being transparent means you are predictable and very obvious about your actions and intentions.  To demonstrate honesty requires you displaying a certain level of integrity.

What Is Integrity in The Workplace?

Integrity in the workplace means that there is a culture of understanding, honesty, trustworthiness, openness, fairness, and self-respect in the place of work. Not only that, integrity is the cornerstone of professional attitude and behavior in the workplace. 

It means people do not gossip or lie when they make mistakes. It is an ideal work environment where each employee feels happy to do a meaningful job without compromising the morals of others.  So how do someone shows honesty and integrity at work?

Here are 10 examples of honesty and integrity at work:

1. Commit Yourself and Be Reliable

A good employee will place their focus on the tasks they need to complete and will demonstrate to their employer that they are reliable and have come to work to get the job done. 

All that you need to do is turning up to work on time, do your work, and do not engage in unnecessary conversation. 

So many employees make promises that they cannot keep, and it makes them seem far less trustworthy.  If you commit to working, you must stick to it. 

It shows others that you are someone they can trust.  What is more, it demonstrates to your manager that you are suitable for more responsibilities and perhaps a promotion.

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2. Think about What you Want to Say

Honest employees who show integrity and professionalism in the workplace do not talk aimlessly.   To show that you are a good employee who respects others, think about what you say before the words leave your lips.  Not doing so could cause you to say something potentially offensive, incorrect, or otherwise harmful.  

Ensuring that anything you say has a positive impact, including constructive criticism, will further help you to build lasting professional bonds with your colleagues. 

3. Always Acknowledge Your Mistakes

One of the most important traits of someone who acts with integrity is to admit when they make mistakes.  Doing something like this takes courage, honesty, and a fair amount of self-confidence.

You should also not blame others for your wrongdoings.  So, when you make a mistake, acknowledge it and show your willingness to fix it.  

4. Consider Other People Point of Views

It is no secret that from time to time, there will be disputes in a workplace environment — this is unavoidable, but how you deal with these situations will demonstrate how you can show integrity at work. 

Should you find yourself confronted with a disgruntled client or getting into a disagreement with a fellow employee, try to look at the situation from their point of view.  

While your opinion may not change, it does show others that you are willing to consider their take on things and put forward a balanced argument or solution. 

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5. Set A Good Example

Quite often, there is a misconception that only those in higher positions at work need to set a good example, but this could not be further from the truth. 

Everyone in the workplace should be demonstrating a positive example to others — it gives all members of staff something to work towards and sets the standard for the business.  

Your words must match your actions.  If you are saying that everybody should do something, you must do it too.  It is not right to ask people to do things you cannot do yourself.

6. Acknowledge Your Coworkers Success

It is human nature to want to feel appreciated, and you are likely familiar with how it feels to receive praise from your superiors at work. 

One of the simplest ways to display integrity at work is to give your fellow employees a pat on the back when it is merited.  Working together and providing positive reinforcement will build better bonds and increase productivity. 

7. Put Aside Your Personal Feelings

There is a reason that your work life and personal are often separate — they are two different things, and often, there can be problems when the two combine.  However, this is not always the case. 

Suppose you must work with someone with who you have had difficulties outside of the workplace.  In that case, you can display a tremendous amount of integrity and work ethics by putting aside your personal feelings and focusing on the professional aspect of your relationship with the person.

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8. Don’t Compromise Your Morals

There is no denying that standing by your morals and remaining favorable at work is a difficult challenge.  But that is not to say that you cannot do it.  Always live by a higher personal code than the workplace asks you to do. 

Most workplaces have value statements but, a lot of times employees do not follow them so, they cut corners. 

You should also not be afraid to stand up for what is right.  In doing this, you are demonstrating not only integrity but also a belief in yourself.  

9. Don’t Gossip 

The workplace is one of the worst places for gossip and shaming other people.  However, an employee who demonstrates ethical and integrity behavior in the workplace does not engage in gossiping.

Furthermore, if you are aware of any such negative behaviors, you must be ready and willing to address the issue, despite it being a potentially challenging conversation.

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10. Be Yourself

When presenting yourself at work, while you must remain professional, you should also be true to yourself and not alter your personality to fit the image of others. 

Showing your personality will give your employer and fellow employees a chance to get to know who you are. And that will give them confidence to work with you as a good team member.  


Integrity in the workplace means behaving in a respectful, honest, and professional manner.  Not only will this put you in a position of trust and reliability, but it will also help to build an overall happier and productive working environment. 

There are many ways in which you can show integrity in the workplace — this might include being open and honest in your communication, respecting other people, following the rules, and admitting your mistakes. 

All these things will make you a better employee and will increase your chances of being recognized as an important person in the workplace

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