12 Examples of Being a Leader at Work

Leadership Examples at Work | Examples of a Leader at Work: Being a Leader at work means having integrity and high moral standards.

If you want to be a leader, then you need to know what it means. It’s not just about being in charge of your team or having the most experience….

What Does Being a Leader Mean to You?

What Does it Mean to be a Leader at Work? Being a leader means having the ability to create and motivate others in order to accomplish common goals. This is done by providing clear with your communication, being flexible and responding quickly when required.

What does being a leader mean? This is a question that has no definitive answers and depends on the person you ask. Being a leader means you lead people, make…

22 Skills and Qualities That Make You a Good Leader

Most Important Leadership Qualities and Skills that Make a Good Leader

The most essential skills and qualities that make you a good leader include active listening, self-control, integrity, confidence, empathy, resilience, passion, influence and inspire others. There are other important qualities…

21 Powerful Leadership Qualities of a Good Leader


There are different kinds of great leaders today.  Among them are charismatic leaders, transformational leaders, and pragmatic leaders. But their great leadership qualities can mix within one leader in different ways. …

Stop Your Talented Employee Overstepping Boundaries

Employee behaviour in the workplace

Most managers give unfettered freedom to the most talented team members to do what they want.  Managers like it when people keep pushing the boundaries to do an outstanding job….

9 Simple Tips on How to Give Feedback to Team Members

Giving effective feedback and the importance of constructive feedback

Many team leaders do not know how to give productive feedback to team members at work.  Others find the process of having difficult conversations with team members awkward. So, they…

How to Build Teamwork in the Workplace

The importance of teamwork in the workplace

How to build teamwork in the workplace successfully depends on the sacrifice every individual is willing to make for the benefit of the team.  Building teamwork requires top commitment, self-discipline,…

What Makes a Good Team Leader

Effective leadership | Essential leadership skills | Good team leader qualities | Qualities of good team leader | Effective team leader

What makes a good team leader is your ability to lead a group of people in the desired direction. Leadership is a skill and action that influences others. So, the…

Promoting Accountability in the Workplace

What is accountability - accountability in leadership -

I used to wonder why promoting accountability in the workplace fail – until I paid attention to the way my colleagues were talking tough and demanding quick answers from their…

Managing Difficult Employees and Disruptive Behaviors

Managing Difficult Employees and Disruptive Behaviors

If you visit every workplace, you’ll find all types of difficult employees – those who are; slackers, chronically absent, late at work, nodding instead of verbally confirming they understand, rude,…