16 Examples of a Good Mentor

Examples of Mentoring in the Workplace

When you want to grow your career, have someone to help guide you and make your path easier. But not everyone knows how and where to find the right person…

26 Examples of Good Decision-Making

Examples of Good Decision Making Skills

Being able to decide in different situations is one of the most critical skills in any profession, especially leadership role. Any leader who can’t decide is probably not fit to…

28 Examples of a Good Employee

Qualities of a Good Employee

A company can’t succeed if its employees aren’t high-quality contributors — all its prospects for growth will dwindle if its employees aren’t good. So, every business needs a strong team…

15 Examples of Taking Ownership

Examples of taking ownership at work

You can’t be a good employee if you don’t take ownership of your role in the team. Even when working with others, you need to care about their results just…

13 Examples of Weaknesses in a Person

Examples for Weaknesses: Some examples of personal weaknesses are laziness, anger, and greed. When someone is lazy, they lack ambition or motivation to do things that require effort. Anger often leads to taking actions that one may regret later while greed can lead to unethical behavior.

Anyone in the workplace has a weakness, which is a flaw or vulnerability of the character. It is something you are bad at, don’t have the ability for, or dislike…

11 Examples of Holding Yourself Accountable

How to Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Actions: It starts with knowing what accountability means. Accountability is being responsible for one's own action and accepting responsibility for decisions made and the consequences that follow from those decisions

Self-accountability is hard work, but what’s even harder is not holding yourself accountable at all. In today’s day and age, there are so many distractions keeping us from our goals….

16 Examples of Work Performance Strengths

16 Examples of Strengths in the Workplace

People have different performance strengths in the workplace. Some have strong interpersonal skills, and others have a better understanding of finance. Some are great at speaking to an audience, while…

29 Examples of a Good Leader at Work

Examples of a Good Leadership

There are many aspects to becoming a good leader. Specifics of what good leadership means vary from person to person. But in general, a good leader is the most important…

12 Examples of Resilience at Work

Examples of Demonstrating Resilience at Work

Resilience is routinely ranked alongside traditional capabilities such as leadership, communication, and teamwork as the most desirable traits in the workplace. A resilient person can deal better with adversity or…

11 Good Examples of Showing Initiative at Work

Examples of Taking Initiative at Work

The initiative begins with the individual. If you want to be rewarded for the work you do, then take initiative and get it noticed! For some people, the most challenging…

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