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Good employees deserve compliments because they do a great job. But, showing your appreciation with phrases like “good job” or “great job” can be counterproductive because those words are so vaguely used to be virtually useless – and sometimes using those phrases sound a bit rehearsed and meaningless.

So, it is important that you use the right words and at the right time if you want a positive reaction from the person. Whether you do it orally or in writing, you need to use suitable phrases and give specific details of what someone has done that deserve a compliment.

Different Ways of Saying Great Job

You don’t have just to spell out good words and hope that your employees will feel valued.  There are better phrases and ways to say great job without saying great job like the examples below: 

If you noticed that your employee has been doing an exceptional job, you would probably want to express how well they are working using more than just one or two phrases. 

Best Ways of Saying Great Job for Exceptional Work:

1. You’re doing an amazing job
2. That was first class work
3. I couldn’t have done better myself
4. I have not seen anyone do it better
5. I haven’t seen anyone do better
6. That kind of work makes me happy
7. It is such a pleasure to see you working like that
8. The way you work makes me very happy
9. Thank you for a job well done
10.You are a respected member of the team

  • An Example of Saying Great Job Differently for Exceptional Performance: I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the work you have done this morning. Thank you so much!

Someone who works hard to improve the workplace atmosphere by finding the right word for every situation deserves an appreciation. Because this kind of employee uplifts others and improves morale during bad times.

Best Ways of Saying Great Job for Inspiring Colleagues:

1. You are doing an excellent job
2. I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to the team
3. You play a crucial role in our team success
4. You are really good at uplifting everyone
5. I am very fortunate to have you here
6. The pride you take in your work is truly inspiring
7. You play a crucial role in our team success
8. You are one of my most reliable employees ever
9. You are such a valuable member of my team
10. You are very good at doing that

  • A Specific Example of Saying Great Job Differently for Someone Inspirational: Thanks for always helping us see the positive out of the negatives — we really appreciate that.

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Next is for someone who does not quit looking for solutions even when others on the team have given up. When team members run into problems, this is the first person they turn to for help and guidance.

Best Ways of Saying Great Job to a Resourceful Employee:

1. You are an indispensable part of our team
2. It is so obvious how you pay attention to detail
3. Wow, you have a thorough way of looking at things
4. I am impressed with the way you think out of the box to find solutions
5. You are definitely one of the reasons we excel here as a team
6. Your creativity is very remarkable – thank you so much!
7. You always seem good-hearted, practical, and remarkably wise, too
8. Feel good about the fact that you have earned our unquestioning trust
9. Not everyone here is as resourceful as you
10. You keep coming up with fantastic ideas every day

  • An Example for Other Ways of Saying Great Job to a Resourceful Employee: Thank you so much for what you have done today. You really saved the day! If you did not find a solution to that awkward situation or identified the problem, we may all be looking for new jobs.

You want to show your gratitude to someone who works hard to get the right results despite all difficulties. This person can do some extra work to help the team meet a critical deadline. 

Best Ways of Saying Great Job to a Hard Worker:

1. You are doing a wonderful job
2. I appreciate your hard work
3. You are doing a terrific job
4. Well done keep up the good work
5. I’m sure all of us appreciate your efforts
6. Thanks for all your hard work, it is much appreciated
7. The pride you take in your work is truly inspiring
8. Believe me! You did an amazing job on that project
9. Your good work is always noticed and appreciated
10. It is clear you put too much effort into solving every problem. Well done

  • A Specific Example of Saying Great Job Differently to a Hard Worker: Thank you for working tirelessly to complete the project despite encountering some challenges along the way. There is no doubt that without your perseverance, we couldn’t have completed the project on time.

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Great teamwork comes from a collective effort. But, some individuals often want to do more and better than other team members.  People who exceed expectations do more than expected, especially if they work while receiving instructions from some else. 

Best Ways of Saying Great Job for Exceeding Expectations:

1. It’s incredible how many times you go above and beyond
2. Even when faced with challenges, you still maintain your good attitude
3. Thank you for being a great example to your work colleagues
4. Your hard work to strengthen our team culture is noticed
5. Your work ethic speaks for itself
6. You always find a way to complete your work on time and do it well
7. You are doing the right things, and doing them right
8. I just want to say that you are doing a tremendous job
9. I appreciate your good work — is there anything that you cannot do?
10. Thanks for stepping up – nothing can stop you now

  • A Detailed Example for Other Ways of Saying Great Job to Someone Who’s Exceeded Expectations: You have done an excellent job! I cannot believe you have completed this project on time and done more than we asked for. Thank you for the job well done and for doing more than expected.


Your words can be powerful, especially when complimenting someone for doing a great job. But sometimes saying great job in different ways can be more meaningful than just say ” great job”.  

Also,  if you are going to thank someone for doing a great job, ask them to step aside and find a quiet place where you can tell the them something specific they have done that you truly appreciate.

Being specific about what the person did that warrants an appreciation will most likely make them feel worthy and inspired.

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