9 Simple Tips on How to Give Feedback to Team Members

Giving effective feedback and the importance of constructive feedback

Many team leaders do not know how to give productive feedback to team members at work. ¬†Others find the process of having difficult conversations with team members awkward. So, they…

15 High Quality Work Examples

Deliver High Quality of Work

Sometimes, it is tempting to think that the more work you do, the better. However, that’s not always true. There is a time where doing less work can produce results….

What is an Open Door Policy at Work?

An open door culture removes the fear of retaliation and encourages employees to speak freely

Managers should be accessible and keep their office doors open so that employees can come in for a chat. If always you are not available and your door is closed,…

24 Examples of a Good Manager

Qualities to be a good manager | Examples of Good Managers | Qualities for a good manager

A good manager has a tremendous amount of responsibility and is constantly aware that their choice in leadership will lead to either success or failure for those beneath him. They…

13 Examples of Self-Management

Examples of Self-management Skills

As the workplace is becoming increasingly complex, the need for individuals to be self-managers has increased. The idea of being responsible for your work output appeals to many people because…

How to Deal with Insubordinate Employees

Insubordination is a refusal to comply with an order, request, or instruction. It can range from passive resistance to blatant defiance. Another good definition of insubordination is the unwillingness or refusal to obey authority or rules imposed on them.

Insubordinate employees pose a big challenge for any manager or leader and can turn the workplace atmosphere into a nightmare. These people are not compliant with the company’s policies, rules,…

How to Build a Collaborative Work Environment

Collaborative working | Collaborative Work

When you create an open and collaborative work environment, everyone in the company benefits greatly. People are more productive and work harder when they feel that they are working together…

How to Facilitate a Video Conference Call Meeting

Virtual Conference Call Video | How to do a Video Conference Call

A video conference call meeting is different from face-to-face meeting, but the two have similarities. The most important thing in common is the purpose of the meeting. The question for…

What is the Role of a Supply Chain Manager?

What are the Duties of a Supply Chain Manager | What are the Roles & Responsibilities of a Supply Chain Manager

Today, the global markets have expanded beyond the state borders, and the supply chains are evolving. Thus, the role of the supply chain manager in modern companies is more important…

How to Choose the Best Training Methods for Employees

Employee Development Methods | Training of Employees

Not everyone is a natural learner. Some people need others to show them how to do things, and they can quickly get the hang of it on their own. Others…