Top 6 Skills and Qualities of Leadership That Make Great Leaders

Skills of a leader and characteristics of good leadership

It is not a secret that to be a successful leader, you must have the core skills and qualities of leadership.  However, not all leaders have the skills and qualities…

10 Examples of Taking a Risk

Examples of Risk Taking | Examples of Risk | Examples of Taking a Risk at Work

Taking a risk means engaging in an activity that may cause personal, physical, financial, or social harm. When taking a risk at work there are two types of risk-taking: calculated…

12 Most Important Skills of a Manager

What are the Skills of a Good Manager? A good manager should have strong communication skills and the ability to motivate, train, and develop their team.

What are The Skills of a Manager? The skills of a manager are abilities, attributes, and competencies, that a manager uses to carry out specific management tasks, including leading, managing,…

How to Chair a Meeting?

How to Chair a Meeting

Having meetings in the workplace is essential for sharing ideas, agreeing; decisions, actions, plans, and reviewing progress. It is also vital to get people together in a room to talk…

15 Examples of Ambitious Leaders

How to demonstrate ambition and leadership

Being ambitious is often associated with greed, selfishness, and a lack of empathy. But, this is not always the case. There are many good reasons why you might be ambitious….

The Top 11 Skills to Work in a Team

What are Some Teamwork Skills? Here are Teamwork skills: . Communication . Collaboration . Planning and organization . Leadership skills . Teamwork skills . Cooperation . Team-building skills . Problem-solving skills . Conflict resolution skills

The idea of working in a team can be exciting, but teamwork is not an instinct. It takes time, patience, desire, and skills to work with others to create something…

9 Simple Tips on How to Give Feedback to Team Members

Giving effective feedback and the importance of constructive feedback

Many team leaders do not know how to give productive feedback to team members at work.  Others find the process of having difficult conversations with team members awkward. So, they…

10 Key Areas for Improvement in Work

Areas of Improvement in Work

How do you know when it is time to address a problem in the workplace? The answer is simple: when people are talking about it. Employees discuss their pressing issues…

15 Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating at Work

How to get Organized and Stop Procrastinating | What Causes Procrastination | How to Deal With Procrastination at Work

When you find yourself at work in a state where you become complacent and avoid completing even a simple task, then that is known as procrastination. But no one likes…

Styles of Manager: The Worst 4 Types of Management Styles

The key factors to success is leadership and management styles

You may get excited to land the job of your dream. But that dream can fall apart the moment you know more about the styles of manager you are going…